What else is going on?

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Alex Wilson recorded “The Girl Detective” — available free.
The Village Voice dumbs itself down some more by firing good people.

Theodora Goss pointed us toward a couple of fascinating artists among them Robert ParkeHarrison and Connie Toebe.

We have a pretty hardcover and we’re maybe going to start sending it out and post pictures and make pretty piles of them and hold them and call them George. Or The Privilege of the Sword.

We’ve been signing contracts and making covers for next year’s books. Wooee! Whatta week. More surprising news on that end sometime soon.

We haven’t been reading LCRW submissions very fast. Sorry about that.

One of our fantastic interns just left, bye Lauren! We miss you. Come back and work for free any time! (Evil R Us.)

In other news: it’s not about Harlan Ellison, it’s the culture. Harlan can get as head-explodey as he wants and his apologists can do what they feel they must, and in the meantime how about a new simple rule: keep your hands to yourself.

Unless you ask or are asked. Or, act like an adult and treat others as you would be treated? How simple can the formulation be? Anyone who can write it in less than 6 words wins something silly.


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  1. John Klima on September 1st, 2006 4:26 pm

    How about:


  2. jeff ford on September 2nd, 2006 6:33 pm

    In the old neighborhood, it would have been something like, “Hey, don’t be a fuckin’ creep.” But you could drop the “Hey” and bring it in at 5 words if you wanted. Klima’s gotta be a smart ass and do it in one word.

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