Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 17

November 2005

$5 · 60 pages

Gavin J. Grant: Allergic to you. Yes, you.
Kelly Link: Catches birds.
Jedediah Berry: Leaves bootprints in loam.
Gwyneth Merner: Says it on the radio.
Erik Gallant: Orchestral arrangements, handclaps.

Seana Graham — The Pirate’s True Love
Philip Raines and Harvey Welles — All The Things She Wanted
Christien Gholson — You Accept What You Get When You’re Eating with Death
Alette J. Willis — Daylighting the Donwell River
Deborah Roggie — The Mushroom Duchess
David Connerley Nahm — “Discrete Mathematics” by Olaf and Lemeaux; Or, the Severed Hand
Diana Pharaoh Francis — Native Spinsters
John Brown — Bright Waters

Marly Youmans — The Fire Girl
Peter Dabbene — SHH

A Lack — Throughout
You Could Do This Too — Marginalia

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John Brown wrote the first draft of “Bright Waters” in Orson Scott Card’s Literary Bootcamp. Having lived in the Netherlands, he has a particular affection for the hero of this story. John won first prize in the Writers of the Future (13) under the name Bo Griffin. He is currently at work on an epic fantasy novel about a boy, a girl, and a wayward monster. He now lives in the hinterlands of Utah.

Peter Dabbene is a Trenton, NJ-based writer. Several of his short plays have been produced in Philadelphia theaters. Most recently, some of his short stories have been published online at Parenthetical Note and Eyeshot. He has also published two collections of short stories, Prime Movements and Glossolalia, as well as a novel, Mister Dreyfus’ Demons.

Diana Pharaoh Francis is the author of fantasy novels Path of Fate (nominated for the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award) and Path of Honor. Path of Blood, which will complete the trilogy, will be published May 2006 by NAL/Roc. Diana is an assistant editor for The Broadsheet. She holds a BA & MA in creative writing, and a PhD in Literature and Theory. She currently teaches at the University of Montana-Western and is madly at work on her next novel.

Christien Gholson‘s stories, poems and translations (of Rimbaud’s Illuminations) have appeared in Hanging Loose, The Sun, Big Scream, Blue Mesa Review, etc. He grew up in Southern Belgium and Northern Florida — places where the creatures inside a Bosch painting are very comfortable. A book of prose-poems (Faces in the Gallery) is forthcoming from Hanging Loose Press, along with a chapbook (Phenomenology) from March Street Press.

Seana Graham is a bookseller in Santa Cruz, California and a closet scribbler of long standing. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine and Eclipse. LCRW is the first zine she’s been published in, and she believes appearing here will significantly help her ‘coolness quotient’ — that is, if anything actually can.

How do we get our stories? We start with the set of people who read. Then we split out those who write with a butter knife (or some other blunt instrument). From these we filter out those who write well (and can hold their breath under water). Lastly we ask our neighbors to bury the stories in the garden for at least one season. We print whatever stories might still be legible.

David Connerley Nahm lives in Carrboro, NC. He has a wife with a cat named Typee, a band named Audubon Park, and is halfway to a law degree. Sometimes, he performs stand-up comedy. His story “Sitting on a Bench in the Park” appeared in LCRW #14. Please visit the Tropic of Food if so inclined.

On Selling Out: Yes, we will, thank you. Would we take the opportunity of having a larger platform to throw our zine (re-imagined as glossy with chocolate-bar pullouts and ads for the latest solar cars) out from into the reading masses? Offers to the usual address.

Phil Raines and Harvey Welles have had stories published in Albedo One, Leading Edge, On Spec, Aurealis and New Genre as well as the recent collection of new Scottish fantastic fiction, Novia Scotia. Their stories have been anthologised in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror, including “The Fishie,” which was published in LCRW no. 12. Philip lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle. Harvey lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Deborah Roggie writes fantasy and lives in New Jersey with her husband and 15-year-old son. Her story “The Enchanted Trousseau” first appeared in LCRW no. 14 and was selected for the anthology Fantasy: The Best of 2004. Forthcoming stories include “Thievery,” in the anthology Eidolon, and “Swansdown” (Realms of Fantasy). She is currently working on a novel.

Marly Youmans is the author of six books. The most recent are Ingledove (FSG), a young adult/crossover fantasy set in the Southern Appalachians, and Claire, a book of poetry (Louisiana State UP). Her novel, The Wolf Pit (FSG), won the Michael Shaara Award. Marly, her husband, and three children live in a snow castle mere spitting distance from the Baseball Hall of Fame and the grave of James Fenimore Cooper in the semi-fictional Yankee village of Cooperstown.

Alette J. Willis writes from Canada.

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