Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 16

July 2005

$5 · 60 pages

Gavin J. Grant: Still.
Kelly Link: Outtern. Tap.
Jedediah Berry: Intern. Distilled.
Gwyneth Merner: Intern. Effervescent.

Another issue of a zine. Printed in 2-point type and taped shut with duct tape to build anticipation (and microscope sales).

Actual zine hoped to have the same size front and back covers. Also, a rich creamy cover, not actually white. As with much of the information on this page, you’ll have to take it on trust unless you get a copy in your hands. Well, except for the few linked things.

Tie-in (and tie on) rosebud wristlets (made of edible rice paper) will be given out with every Veggie Delite Subway sandwich.

Eric Gregory — You and I in the Year 2012
Cara Spindler — We Lived in a House
Yoon Ha Lee — Moon, Paper, Scissors
Scott Geiger — The Pursuit of Artemisia Guile
Kat Meads — Reality Goes On Here More or Less
Eric Schaller — Three Urban Folk Tales
John Kessel — The Red Phone
Matthew Kirby — Little Apocalypse
David Lunde — The Grandson of Heinrich Schliemann
Christina Manucy — Cat Whisker Wound
Jenny Ashley — The Perfect Pair
Sean Melican — Gears Grind Down

Michaela Kahn — village of wolves, Fall Comes to the Central Valley of California
Two Poems by Sandra Lindow
Chris Fox — Scorpions, Scenes
Two Poems by Ursula K. Le Guin

Gwenda Bond — Dear Aunt Gwenda
Tom Berger — Berger on Books: Snow (online only)


Jenny Ashley is married to a man with beautiful feet. She lives in San Luis Obispo, CA, and teaches freshmen how to fall in love with words. Her stories and poems have appeared in The Allegheny Review, Mars Hill Review, Oxford Magazine, and The Peralta Press.

Gwenda Bond communicates to us through the local MI-5 dead letter office. She is working on a young adult novel. She is funnier than you. She did not write this bio.

Chris Fox. Aries. Born: Cincinnati, OH. Attended Appalachian State University. Resides: Greensboro, NC. Employed: Benjamin Branch, Greensboro Public Library. Fiction: The Bishop’s House Review, Slave, and the News and Observer. Poetry: Wavelength and Rosebud. Guitar: political ghoul-punk band, Crimson Spectre.

Michaela Kahn is an indentured servant tied to the slaving-meat-wheel of mindless, meaningless labor. She’s heard there’s a ritual you can perform out in the desert with a penny, a piece of yellow legal paper, sage, a fountain pen, mouse-droppings, and the recitation of a few choice phrases that will put an end to global capitalism. She’s currently searching for the correct words.

After his brief stint as the Dalai Lama, John Kessel earned his living exclusively by selling kelp to passengers of the Orange Line in the 14th Street IRT station.

Matthew Kirby lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a frequent contributor to the film criticism journal, and his fiction has appeared in 3rd Bed, Diagram, and The Brooklyn Rail.

Ursula K. Le Guin is the author of twenty novels, ten short story collections, six books of poetry, four volumes of translation (including Angélica Gorodischer’s Kalpa Imperial), and thirteen books for children. She lives in Oregon.

Yoon Ha Lee‘s fiction and poetry have appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Lenox Avenue, Strange Horizons, and Star*Line. She was born in Houston but lacks the accent to prove it. She used to make her own paper dolls.

Sandra Lindow, officially past her 55th birthday, takes the responsibilities of apprentice cronehood seriously. She has published three poetry chapbooks, Rooted in the Earth, The Heroic Housewife Papers, and Revision Quest, and a longer collection, A Celebration of Bones. She is working on a chapbook, Walking the Labyrinth: Poetry of Conflict and Resolution.

Christina Manucy is directs exhibitions on the nature of light and weeble-wobbles. She has been neither to Ireland nor Egypt and is kind to cats. She lives in Baltimore among the “Hons” with her sculptor husband.

Kat Meads‘s novel, Sleep, was on the 2004 long list of works recommended by the Tiptree Award jury. She lives in California.

Cara Spindler lives in Michigan and teaches high school English. The story is for Morgan, who shot god in the sky, and asked about the netherworld dreams.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Iteration 16, July 2005. This zine is supposed to go out each June and November (but wasn’t this also supposed to be an occasional outburst? What’s the occasion?) from Small Beer Press, 176 Prospect Ave., Northampton, MA 01060 $5 per single issue or $20/4. Contents © the respective authors. All rights reserved. Submissions, requests for guidelines, &c all good things should be sent to the address above. No SASE: no reply. Apologies for the lack of margin space. We keep expecting to increase the margins and page count. The economic bullet that would entail refuses to be bit. Please take your copy of this zine apart and paste on an extra inch of paper all round. This issue brought to you by reduced personal freedoms, a scandal proof monkey, and water, rising waters. Read. Revolt! As ever, thanks. Paradise Copies, 30 Craft Ave., Northampton, MA 01060 413-585-0414