Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 6

May 2000


The sixth issue of this work contains no substantial revisions. Certain typographical errors have been corrected and the bibliography of Heidegger’s works (including English translations) updated, but otherwise the text and supplementary apparatus have remained unchanged.*

It’s an interesting month. LCRW is moving the whole office (building and staff) to Gotham City’s sister, Brooklyn, where, appropriately enough, we will reside above an old print shop. We are also publishing our first chapbook, 4 Stories, by Kelly Link. More may follow. We reserve the right to vary our activities with the summer heat.
This issue is strong on fiction: a new short story from James Sallis; first North American publication of a Karen Joy Fowler story; and the third part of Kelly’s “Shoe and Marriage.”

The head spins, dear reader. Perhaps if Mr. Heidegger can’t help, Mr. Bok (page 31) will.

Mine are the errors, the discords and the burnt edges on the toast. Your letters and opinions are, as always, welcome.

*Richardson, William J., S.J. HEIDEGGER: Through Phenomenology to Thought., 3rd edition, 1974



Second Thoughts – James Sallis
The Glass Slipper – Kelly Link
Heartland – Karen Joy Fowler


Interview with Nalo Hopkinson
The Rule of Three
Ocean – Lucy Snyder
A Thesaurian Exploration
Food vs. Realitocity – Dan Cashman


Zines, Books, Club Passim Benefit
Cards – Your Uncle Willy

Full Disclosure

Contributors Notes (getting more serious each time)


Dan Cashman puts out the zine ‘Clown Fantasies’ where this piece first appeared.

Karen Joy Fowler This is the first US publication of “Heartland.” It originally appeared in Interzone 24 and the 3rd Interzone Anthology. Karen’s second short fiction collection, Black Glass, won the 1999 World Fantasy Award. Her third novel will be published next year.

Gavin J. Grant failed scissors class.

Nalo Hopkinson’s second novel Midnight Robber is in all good book shops now. She’s working on an anthology, her next novel and maybe a few short stories in the spaces between.

Kelly Link won the World Fantasy Award for ‘The Specialist’s Hat” in 1999. She won the James Tiptree Junior Award in 1997 for “Travels with the Snow Queen.” She is currently working on a novel about cellos, werewolves, and the color green.

James Sallis will publish 10 books this year ranging from poetry through fiction to biography, translation and a book of essays. Perhaps the most well known are his Lew Griffin series of mysteries beginning with The Long-Legged Fly.

Sir Walter Scott — like most 19th century writers — died a long time ago.

Lucy Snyder runs the Dark Planet web site which can be found at

Your Uncle Willy is not usually this rude.

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