Chicken Scratchings

Chicken ScratchingsThis past sunny bright Saturday afternoon we made a zine, Chicken Scratchings. It is sixteen pages including the white cardstock cover, b&w, and saddle-stitched (i.e. stapled) and one hundred copies were printed by Randy at Collective Copies.

It started with me asking Ursula to draw some chickens for Book Moon bookmarks and snowballed in a tiny fashion into me, Ursula, and Kelly all drawing chickens. (I did make more bookmarks but made some for events instead of putting the chickens on there so I’ll make chicken bookmarks once we’ve gone through the current ones.)

It was inspired by Davida Gypsy Breier’s recent zines, the tiny chapbook I made for Abbey Mei Otis’s Alien Virus Love Disaster, as well the horoscope and novel zines Kelly & Ursula made. I kept meaning to make a zine of chicken drawings but never got round to it. Then I got my first covid vaccine shot and with it a surprising burst of energy and wanted to do something. So I made brownies (not my best) and we drew chickens. It is an unserious thing and with luck we will make more of them.

Chicken Scratchings is $2 including postage and will be sent to you in a regular letter envelope by First Class Mail without tracking in the USA.

1, 2, button my shoe