Rossetti Song: Four Stories

Alex Irvine  - published July 2002

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No.3 in the Small Beer Press chapbook series, Rossetti Song, is by up-and-coming writer Alex Irvine. Alex has recently had stories in Scifiction, F&SF, Strange Horizons, Electric Velocipede, LCRW, and many other wonderful places. Rossetti Song contains four stories: two were previously published in F&SF, “The Sea Wind Offers Little Relief” was original to Starlight 3, and “The Sands of Iwo Jima” is new for this collection. Designed by Thom Davidsohn.

Rossetti Song – read it now
The Sands of Iwo Jima
The Sea Wind Offers Little Relief

  • “The Sands of Iwo Jima” received an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror
  • F&SF review
  • Locus Online review
  • Tangent Online review

Who is Alex Irvine?

Alex IrvineHe’s the winner of the Crawford and Locus Awards. Here’s hiswebsite. He had a story in LCRW No.8*, and was a John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award finalist (website), which, handily, lists many of his publications.

Here’s another picture.

Alex is also responsible (with designer Thom Davidsohn) for The Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives, an amazing pulp-style colllection (which is for sale here).



Read a review on Locus Online

And look what’s being said about his first novel, A Scattering of Jades:

“The characterization is nearly as accomplished as the historiography, and the two together make the book an exceedingly solid achievement, with a great deal of promise for the author’s future.”
Publishers Weekly

“Smartly written, uncliched…. [A]n intelligent and strongly written debut historical-fantasy by a descendant of P. T. Barnum’s. Excellently researched, this fantasia about New York City, Kentucky, and the Midwest in the 1840s mixes US history and Aztec mythology.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Irvine’s prose is rich and evocative, his plot tightly structured and beautifully paced. The denouement, when it arrives, offers no easy answers; each of the principals leaves the scene damaged. Most impressive is Irvine’s interweaving of two seemingly unrelated histories and myth structures without straining the credibility of either.”
Washington Post Book World

* This is what we said about him then:

In Florida the iguanas are hanging around.Alex Irvine is far too sporty to stay indoors and write, and yet he does. Look at that author photo. He has a story in the anthology Starlight 3, and probably has one in the next F&SF. His novel, A Scattering of Jades, will be published by Tor in 2002. In 2001 he was one of the writers on the A.I. webgame and has co-written a novelization (A.I.:The Death of Evan Chan) with Sean Stewart.

Author pic (with friend) by Beth Gwinn.


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