Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 3

June 1998

volume 2, number 1, summer 1998

PoetryFictionsEssaysArt and so on and so forth, the usual mix of eclectica. and so on and so forth, the usual mix of eclectica.

We had this issue fact-checked as a favor to our lawyers after the debacle with Hilaire Belloc issue one, this was their report.


The Grand Gesture – Tim Emswiler
Money Tree – Nalo Hopkinson
Perpetual Motion – Dora Knez
The Survivor’s Ball, or The Donner Party – Kelly Link

Blind Faith – Stuart Davies
Watch scar tissue shut this face in seconds – David Findlay
My Friend, Eustace – Gavin J. Grant
Illumination – Sareen Grant
The Art of Passion – Gaston
For Winsom – Nalo Hopkinson
The Retreat of Glaciers/Kettle Pond – Dora Knez
Academia – Euan Reilly

Watching Scotland
Alan Warner Reads
Hollywood’s Masterpiece: James Dean – Joe Bills
Extraordinary Woman, A Review
Index to the word Down
Crossword Answers

That Monty Thing

LCRW v2 n1Joe Bills has a book forthcoming this autumn on that man James Dean, A Collector’s Guide to James Dean Memorabilia. He also writes on sports and on and about fiction. His Book Review should begin appearing next year.

Stuart Davies is Welsh and dreams of the great years of Welsh rugby. he has a line of ties made in Italy. He lives in a Japanese apartment nice enough to make all the other gaijin a little envious.

Tim Emswiler has had fiction published in many places, it’s fun to check a search engine with his name. This story — and another of Tim’s — will be published in Bare Bones magazine.

David Findlay can usually be found in Canada. He is an artist exploring the integration of the computer into art.

Gaston is considered France’s foremost poet of the erotique. His biography Gaston Remembers is currently being made into a major motion picture by DreamWorks, with Johnny Depp as the young gaston, Tori Spelling as the young Elizabeth Windsor, whose two-year fling with the young French poet caused a near-collapse of the monarchy back in 1955. Gaston is currently Writer-in-Residence at Brynn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, working on what he claims will be his final and finest collection of poetry.

Gavin J. Grant can’t spell his own name.

Sareen Grant lives north of that Metropolis in England. She hikes, climbs, drinks, potholes and generally throws her weight around with the best of them.

Nalo Hopkinson has been and done alot of things. Her novel Brown Girl in the Ring won the Warner Aspect First Novel Contest. Her short story “Slow Cold Chick” was broadcast on CBC Radio in May 1998. Her fiction has appeared in Fireweed Magazine, Exile and the antholgies,Black Swan, White Raven and Silver Birch, Blood Moon. This story previously appeared in Tesseracts 6.

Dora Knez poem from lcrw2 has been picked up by Tesseracts (no. 7), the yearly Canadian short-story and poetry anthology.

Kelly Link‘s book of short stories is forthcoming. Her metaphors are popular.

Euan Reilly is from New Zealand. He is currently attempting not to be subsumed into the Salaryman lifestyle. He loves Moog Music.

Contents are © the authors, please do not reprint without permission. All rights reserved. Probably. Submissions of material and/or cash, chocolate, pizza (I suggest Bluestone Bistro here in Brighton, books, music, zines etc.) can be made to the above address, with an SAE if you want a reply. Remembering, of course, this isn’t known an an Occasional Outburst for nothing. Su-ure, we’re sticking to the May/November schedule (shed-ul).


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