Interfictions 2

Delia Sherman & Christopher Barzak, Editors  - published November 2009

November 2009 · 9781931520614 · 302 pp · trade paper/ebook

Q. Where do I find a book like Interfictions 2 in my local bookshop if this is a book that slips between the crevices?
A. Good questions! It depends, as always, on your local booksellers. They might have chosen to shelve it in Fiction/Anthologies or Science Fiction/Anthologies. If they don’t have it, they can of course order it for you!

New: Interfictions 2 Study Guide by Delia Sherman, Christopher Barzak, and Carlos Hernandez. PDF: [download id=”54″] or on Scribd.

Direct from the globe-spanning hive mind of the Interstitial Arts Foundation (IAF) comes the second wide-ranging, mind-melding anthology of short fiction: Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing .

Delving deeper into the genre-spanning territory explored in the first Interfictions, this anthology showcases 21 original and innovative writers. Features work by Jeffrey Ford, Brian Francis Slattery, Nin Andrews, and M. Rickert. With an introduction by Henry Jenkins and an afterword/editor interview by Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray.

The IAF posted new, extra-delicious fiction in their annex and there are author interviews, BBC podcasts, a jewelry auction, interstitial salons and events.

Henry Jenkins interviews:

Those interested in teaching Interfictions 2 can request an exam or desk copy here.


Best Books of 2009* Selected by as one of the Best Books of 2009.

“This anthology celebrates its cross-genre concept as much as its content, with a lengthy introduction, contributor notes, and afterword. Will Ludwigsen’s lovely, melancholy “Remembrance is Something Like a House” combines paranormal and true crime elements. Alaya Dawn Johnson’s dystopian “The Score” reads like a post-9/11 Twilight Zone episode. A scientist tries to prevent a world war in Elizabeth Ziemska’s winsome “Count Poniatowski and the Beautiful Chicken.” Stephanie Shaw’s strong and earthy writing grounds her story of dragons and a four-headed obstetrician in “Afterbirth.” … Fans of the first Interfictions anthology will dig it.”
Publishers Weekly

“Some of the most experimental and formally daring genre fiction of the year.”

Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing performs the paradoxical feat of containing what does not want to be contained: a collection of inventive, genre-flouting stories that unnerve as much as they delight.”
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Table of Contents

Henry Jenkins, “Introduction: On the Pleasures of  Not Belonging
Jeffrey Ford, “The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper” [interview]
M. Rickert, “Beautiful Feast”
Will Ludwigsen, “Remembrance Is Something Like a House”
Cecil Castellucci, “The Long and Short of Long-Term Memory” [interview]
Alaya Dawn Johnson, “The Score” [interview]
Ray Vukcevich, “The Two of Me” [interview]
Carlos Hernandez, “The Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santeria”
Lavie Tidhar, “Shoes”
Brian Francis Slattery, “Interviews After the Revolution”
Elizabeth Ziemska, “Count Poniatowski and the Beautiful Chicken”
Peter M. Ball, “Black Dog: A Biography”
Camilla Bruce, “Berry Moon: Laments of a Muse”
Amelia Beamer, “Morton Goes to the Hospital”
William Alexander, “After Verona”
Shira Lipkin, “Valentines”
Alan DeNiro, “(*_*?) ~~~~ (-_-) : The Warp and the Woof”
Nin Andrews, “The Marriage”
Theodora Goss, “Child-Empress of Mars”
Lionel Davoust, “L’Ile Close”
Stephanie Shaw, “Afterbirth”
David J. Schwartz, “The 121”
Colleen Mondor, Christopher Barzak, and Delia Sherman, “Afterwords: An Interstitial Interview”


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    I have Interfictions 1 and of course I should do pre-order 2.
    Good book for a long winter.

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    Want to see what kind of writing we’re talking about? Check out the INTERSTITIAL ANNEX here:

    8 short works of interstitial fiction going up, one each week prior to the publication of INTERFICTIONS 2. You’ll see.

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