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Alan DeNiro paid us a lot of money to publish his book. Unknown to us his family was one of the earliest to make millions from salting maps. When his people flew us to Arctangent City we weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

This wasn’t our experience in publishing (which was more along the lines of breaking into adjunct English teacher lounges and leaving copies of our books around in the hope that they would be adopted and taught).

But Alan’s people were, as Locus said of his stories, “deeply weird.” But also persuasive. So we went for it, took his money (a lie), printed 100,000 hardcovers (also a lie), sold foreign rights to Rabitton, Utopia, and so on, and tried to get Alan to stop going on Oprah (all lies) so that we could work on other books rather than reprinting his.

It’s been a wild ride. Something akin to reading his collection, Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead.

  • Read a couple of the stories in a funsize PDF edition.
  • Get Alan’s unique reading guide/drinking game guide for the book: here.


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