OtherLife’s first reviews

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OtherLife, the movie based on Kelley Eskridge’s novel Solitaire has debuted at the Sydney Film Festival and has picked up some great reviews. As Kelley says, “You can find OtherLife on Facebook and on Twitter. Read about the wild ride of indie filmmaking at the OtherLife Journals.”

I hope it gets released in the US as it sounds — from the Hollywood Reporter review — like a film that would be fun to see on a movie screen.

https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5331081de4b02aa0f34b5ee9/t/563bf01fe4b0826bf0b8b20d/1446768671752/OTHERLIFE.png“As OtherLife progresses and the pacing warms up, you can sense the shit about to hit a virtually rendered, glitch-prone fan. . . . The near-future setting, combined with Helen O’Loan’s resourceful, interior-heavy production design, protect the film from extending its sci-fi inclinations beyond the point that can be reasonably achieved within its modest budget. The atmosphere is big but the settings are contained, like Shane Abbess’ Infini.
And like last year’s horror indie Observance (another innovative Australian genre film, constructed on an even smaller budget), OtherLife’s score and sound design is so striking it is practically a character in the film. All credit to Jed Palmer, who also worked on 2014’s delightful The Infinite Man.”
The Guardian

“A stylish piece of sci-fi pulp fiction. . . . OtherLife likewise boasts a non-linear structure that is just explicable enough until one too many late reversals, though its puzzles could prove catnip to genre fans who thrill to fare such as FX’s Legion that blurs the line between real worlds and virtual ones.”
The Hollywood Reporter

Read more about the film here and check in here later for who knows what?

OtherLife Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival

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OtherLife world premiereGood news from Australia for fans of Kelley Eskridge’s novel Solitaire: the film based on the book will premier next month at the Sydney Film Festival — wish I was going! Here’s the filmakers’ announcement:

We are honoured to have been invited to screen OtherLife at the 2017 Sydney Film Festival! The WORLD PREMIERE will be on Friday, June the 16th at the Event Cinemas on George St, Sydney, Australia. We could not have come this far without the unwavering support of our investors, including Screenwest, Screen Australia, Deluxe, Red Apple Cameras, Head Gear Films and Josh Pomeranz of Spectrum Films. See you at the screening!

So now get your tickets here!

The film is not a straight adaptation of the novel, instead it is a different story that sprang from the novel as you can see if you compare the description of the novel:

Solitaire: a novel coverJackal Segura is a Hope: born to responsibility and privilege as a symbol of a fledgling world government. Soon she’ll become part of the global administration, sponsored by the huge corporation that houses, feeds, employs, and protects her and everyone she loves. Then, just as she discovers that everything she knows is a lie, she becomes a pariah, a murderer: a person with no community and no future. Grief-stricken and alone, she is put into an experimental program designed to inflict the experience of years of solitary confinement in a few short months: virtual confinement in a sealed cell within her own mind. Afterward, branded and despised, she returns to a world she no longer knows.

Struggling to make her way, she has a chance to rediscover her life, her love, and her soul—in a strange place of shattered hopes and new beginnings called Solitaire.

with the description of the film:

Ren Amari is the driven inventor of a revolutionary new drug. OtherLife expands the brain’s sense of time and creates virtual reality directly in the user’s mind. With OtherLife, mere seconds in real life feel like hours or days of exciting adventures. As Ren and her colleagues race around the clock to launch OtherLife, the government muscles in to use the drugs as a radical solution to prison overcrowding. They will create virtual cells where criminals serve long sentences in just minutes of real time. When Ren resists, she finds herself an unwilling guinea pig trapped in a prison cell in her mind. She must escape before she descends into madness, and then regain control of OtherLife before others suffer the same fate.

As author Kelley Eskridge says, “the film story and the book story are different in terms of plot. But they are deeply connected in core concepts and in the emotional exploration of loneliness and connection.” Kelley wrote the script over many years with Gregory Widen and director Ben C. Lucas, you can read about parts of the process here: The OtherLife Journals.

I can’t wait to see the film and enjoy the differences and similarities to the book.