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Publishing seems to take today off as part of the Thanksgiving holiday—maybe everyone on NYC is taking the day off to empty the oven of books so that they can try and cook a turkey?—but we in indie press land don’t recognize your bourgeois concept of “holidays.” All days are holidays here!

And in the meantime, coming up soon we have an interview with Daniel Rabuzzi author of The Choir Boats and we’re looking forward to the new issue of Xerography Debt (with a few reviews by yours truly).

Hilarious post by Elissa Bassist: What We Were Really Saying:

I verb you.

I similarly feel for you in this way, but I’ll never say the word verb in front of you or even behind your back to my friends. I have feelings only sometimes, and only when I feel like it.

Elsewhere, tangentially related to SBP: Alan DeNiro (Skinny Dipping…) is celebrating the release of his first novel, Total Oblivion, More or Less, by hosting a fundraiser for MercyCorps—and if you donate and send Alan an email he’ll send you a piece of postapocalytic ephemera.

Bruce Sterling gives the Wired thumbs up to Henry Jenkins intro to Interfictions 2: “Man, Henry Jenkins is the guru.”

Nice review of Hound:

Hound is a leisurely mystery, the action is secondary to the pace of life, the thoughtfulness, the focus on books and things literary. This isn’t fast-paced, action-filled. The story develops at it’s own pace, not to be rushed but rather to be savored. Indeed, the crime-solving is secondary to the portrayal of Henry, the sensitive bibliophile’s efforts to make sense of life. This is a “literary” novel with a mystery inside. It’s full of asides and memories of the character’s youth. The reader needs to relax and enjoy. Initially, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this, but my affection for this book and it’s characters grew as I read, until by the end I was quite satisfied. I look forward to the next in this different, intriguing series.

This generic image should make people rethink getting shiny new electronics for Xmas:

John Kessel (The Baum Plan…) is interviewed at Marshall’s Sekrit Clubhouse (shh, it’s a secret!) and can be seen on UNC TV’s Bookwatch here:

John Kessel
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Interfictions: LA + Henry Jenkins

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First once-was-MIT honcho Henry Jenkins heads for LA, now he’s writing about interstitialism (fantastic intro here), and now tonight there’s a huge event tonight in LA.

La what? No! L.A.! Don’t miss the latest Interfictions event tonight in LA (and then on Friday in Boston) with a huge selection of readers, musicians and so on. Here’s the info straight from the horse’s mouth:

Q&A with Cecil Castellucci, and Interfictions 2 hits LA tonight!

To celebrate the launch of Interfictions 2, we’ve been arranging a number of interviews with the contributors, which will be posted to the new Interviews page in the Interfictions 2 section of our site. The first of these is with none other than a host of (and a featured performer at) tonight’s Interfictions 2 Reading in Los Angeles – Cecil Castellucci!

In addition to being the author of the Interfictions 2 short story “The Long and Short of Long-Term Memory”, Cecil is the author of three YA novels, Boy Proof, The Queen of Cool, and Beige, with a fourth, Rose Sees Red, coming in 2010 from Scholastic; two YA graphic novels, The PLAIN Janes and Janes in Love, illustrated by Jim Rugg; and numerous short stories. She is currently working on a hybrid novel and the libretto for a multimedia opera. She has played in bands, produced and directed a feature film, a few one-woman shows, a play, and does the occasional confessional stand-up comedy gig. She is always on the lookout for new ways to tell stories. Having lived on both coasts and both sides of the 49th parallel, she appreciates a well-coordinated snow removal operation but wisely hides out where none is needed. For more information, go to or visit her blog at

For those of you in or around Los Angeles, here’s the rundown on tonight’s event:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 from 8 to 10 PM
@ M Bar – 1253 Vine (at Fountain)

Liz Ziemska and Cecil Castellucci invite you to an evening of readings from INTERFICTIONS 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing edited by Delia Sherman & Christopher Barzak!

Performances by: Patty Cornell, Dave Foley, Kimberly Huie, Michael O’Keefe, Rasika Mathur, Darcy Martin, & others reading stories by Cecil Castellucci, Elizabeth Ziemska, Brian Francis Slattery, Ray Vukcevich, Peter Ball, Nin Andrews, and Stephanie Shaw.  Directed by: Flint Esquerra.  Musical accompaniment by: Jonathan Stearns.  No Cover + $10 food minimum.  Reservations are strongly encouraged: 323-856-0036.  Books will be for sale available courtesy of Skylight Books

Sounds like quite a party! Until then, though, why not check out the interview? And stay tuned – we also have interviews with Jeffrey Ford, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Ray Vukcevich and others coming soon!