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John Kessel stories: The Baum Plan for Financial Independence [audio]
Every Angel is Terrifying Read by Gregory Frost
Pride and Prometheus [part 1 | part 2]

Jennifer Stevenson
Trash Sex Magic Chapter 1 · Ch. 2 · Ch. 3 · Ch. 4

Kelly Link stories:
The Hortlak KQED — The Writers’ Block
Catskin WNYC — Spinning
The Girl Detective Read by Alex Wilson.
Most of My Friends are Two-Thirds Water Read by Alex Wilson.
The Specialist’s Hat (40 minute MP3). Read by Jason Lundberg.

Tiny excerpt of Kelly reading “Monster” during a WNYC story
by Richard Hake on the Dirty Laundry Readings Series.
(Nov. 10, 2005)

Perpetual Motion Roadshow CD (7/04)
We made a CD. It’s not
for sale, but thanks to the generosity of all involved you
can make a copy yourself. The cover can be downloaded here.
Print and fold along the lines.

Stoddy Awchaw — Geoffrey H. Goodwin (fiction, LCRW 10, 7:28)

Stoddy Awchaw — Toby Goodwin (song, 2:32)

Paper — Gavin J. Grant (fiction, Broken Pencil 21, 2:06)

Fructify My Orange Suit — Gavin J. Grant (fiction, The Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives, 8:13)

Christmas in Yorkville — Liisa Ladouceur (poem. Each word taken
from a sign photographed in Yorkville, Toronto, Dec. 2003.

100 Dead Workers— Liisa Ladouceur (poem. Each word taken from a plaque photographed at the 100 Workers monument honouring men and women killed on the job. Toronto, May 2004. 0:46)

Eruption — Liisa Ladouceur (poem. From the Teeth Poem series. 2002. 0:50)

Oh Register! Why Are You Crying? Audobon Park (Song from the CD Angry Bees Outside, These Bees Inside.

Ash City Stomp — Richard Butner (fiction, Trampoline / Horses Blow Up Dog City, 32:17)


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