Gift Certificates

Would you like to give someone a Small Beer Press gift certificate? That would be very nice of you, we think.

How to Buy a Gift Certificate:

Click the orange button below to go to the SBP gift certificate form at PayPal. Choose the amount for your gift certificate and specify the email address of the person you want to send it to, then click the Buy Gift Certificate with PayPal button to pay. PayPal emails them the gift certificate.

How to Redeem a Gift Certificate:

Come to Small Beer Press, add some books to your cart, and checkout. On the PayPal payment page, under Payment Methods, there’s an option that says “PayPal gift card, certificate, reward, or other discount Redeem” (see screenshot below).

Click Redeem, then enter the ID number that came with your gift certificate and click the orange Redeem button. Your cart total will change accordingly.

Thanks and happy reading!