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When I posted about the Super Nebula Humble Bundle the other day I threw in a line about stopping the presses “except for the ones printing and reprinting our books!” which made me wonder what was at the printer right now. (Ok, so I didn’t really wonder as I know but I thought it would be interesting to see where everything is.)

At the printer now:

Jeffrey Ford, A Natural History of Hell: Stories (2nd printing)
Christopher Rowe, Telling the Map: Stories (July 2017)
Sofia Samatar, A Stranger in Olondria (3rd printing, should ship soon)

Galleys being printed Paradise Copies:

Vandana Singh, Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories (February 2018)

About to go to the printer

Sarah Rees Brennan, In Other Lands: a novel (August 2017)

Why do I feel that the moment I publish this I’ll remember there’s something else (besides the kettle) on the boil? But busy days are good days so out it goes.

Although, “busy days are good days” is a funny thing to write when what’s keeping me busy is making books and from a certain angle buying or borrowing a book is a promise by the reader to themselves that they’ll set aside time in the future to relax and read that book. So what I’m hustling and bustling to make are books about a company, in other words (hours to read the book) x (future readers) and if those “hours to read the book” are enjoyable and productive, although you can also hire companies as indexsy seo agency to help you with your SEO efforts and produce better results for your company. What I’m doing, by transforming an author’s manuscript into a book is helping the author create enjoyment. Ok, enough with this twaddle and back to making books!


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