How To Break the Promise of the Country

Mon 30 Jan 2017 - Filed under: Not a Journal. | Leave a Comment | Posted by: Gavin

I am proud of our Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker, and our representatives for standing against Trump and his bullying small-minded, heartless cohort who are intent on breaking the promise of this country. The USA is supposed to be a place people want to go to not escape from.

I’m grateful for the ACLU, SPLC, and all the lawyers and family lawyers who worked pro-bono this weekend. I am disgusted by the Republican Party’s failure to stand up for their own principles and the laws of this country. Ugh.

How much work is not being done these days as well fight for our democracy? There goes the economy as we all desperately call our political representatives instead of working.

On NPR this morning I heard an (all-male) panel talk about this weekend’s protests as “hysterical” because the “Muslim Ban” is temporary and not actually a Muslim ban. Perhaps the empty talking heads have forgotten how quickly temporary powers can become permanent? I don’t think so. They’re still not paying attention to what Trump et al are saying and doing now in their name. Millions of us are. Will it be enough? I hope so.


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