Final day of Humble Bundle

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At 2 pm EST tomorrow the Intoxicating Extraordinary Small Beer Press Humble Bundle will expire and with it the chance to pay what you want for so many of our books will be gone, gone, gone.

We don’t do ebook sales very often but this one has a huge direct benefit to the authors, the press, and organizations we love: Worldreader and Franciscan Children’s who can be added under the Choose Your Own Charity:


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  1. Johan Kr├╝ger Haglert on June 11th, 2016 9:19 pm

    An annoying feature of Chrome is that it kills the content in old tabs when it’s starting to run out of RAM.

    I had an old tab with the bundle content which I wanted to look through and get the sniplets from each of the content books but now Chrome has thrown out that RAM and hence reloaded the tab when I went back to it.

    Would there be a way to get the small informative pieces and short PDF entries which was offered as previews somehow?

    The format doesn’t have to be all that great. You could for instance mail it to the address above, thanks (HB remove the page at-least on that URL once the bundle is over. I don’t know if it’s possible to access it in some other way.)

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