2015 Locus Recommended Reading List

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Congratulations to all the writers whose work was selected for the 2015 Locus Recommended Reading List. It is always an interesting list; fascinating to see what makes the list, what does not. In 2015, not counting reprints and two issues of LCRW, we apparently published:

— two novels by Ayize Jama-Everett, The Liminal War and The Entropy of Bones
— one translation: Angélica Gorodischer’s Prodigies (translated by Sue Burke)
— one young adult novel: Nicole Kornher-Stace’s Archivist Wasp
— one short story collection, Mary Rickert’s You Have Never Been Here
two paperback reprints: Geoff Ryman’s Was and Greer Gilman’s Cloud & Ashes
— which constitutes a recommended reading list all of our own!

Of those five new titles, we are very happy to say four were selected for the Recommended Reading List:

Prodigies, Angélica Gorodischer
The Liminal War, Ayize Jama-Everett
Archivist Wasp, Nicole Kornher-Stace

You Have Never Been Here, Mary Rickert

I’m also very happy to see Kelly’s collection Get in Trouble and her story from Strange Horizons, “The Game of Smash and Recovery.”

No matter which books you liked or didn’t, I hope you’ll go and vote at the next election and keep democracy alive! And no matter if you do that or no, remember that the Locus poll is open, everyone can vote in it, and you can write in your own choices: Michael J. DeLuca for Editor!

2015 titles in order of publication:


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