Monstrous Affections up for a World Fantasy Award

Thu 9 Jul 2015 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Leave a Comment | Posted by: Gavin

Yesterday I was offline and before I left I said to the world, hey, Tuesday was great, so, Wednesday, what have you got?

And apparently what Wednesday had was some great news for many writers, editors, publishers, and artists, as the World Fantasy Award nominations came out — congratulations to all nominated! I’m very happy to see Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales on the ballot: it is a testament to the power of the stories in the book so I’m going to use this nomination as an excuse to thank everyone who sent us those scary, scary stories. (Why did I not realize how dark things would get in a book called Monstrous Affections? I thought they’d all be stories about affection, love, things like that. Ha. As is proven over and over, I know nothing.) Anyway, it’s truly always an honor to be nominated.


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