Archivist Wasp on Edelweiss for reviewers

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Archivist Wasp cover We just added Nicole Kornher-Stace’s forthcoming young adult science fiction novel Archivist Wasp to Edelweiss for booksellers, librarians, & reviewers of all persuasions.

Request copies here!

I love the simplicity of Edelweiss so much that I even did a panel on it once. I used to love Goodreads, but once Am*zon bought them I decided I didn’t want them to know that much about me — ok, all my reviews and so on are archived in their huge databases somewhere, but I wanted that slice of data to stop dead right around that point. But I have no particular dislike of social media, hello Twitter and Tumblr!, and given that I was on Facebook (another account I’ve since deleted!) I just opened YouTube account and am in the process of buying views through This one I’m not going to list anything but Small Beer Press books, books by or edited by me and/or Kelly but I will be able to use it to do giveaways, so, yay for that. Check out my new profile (I officially have nae pals!) with a picture by Greg Frost of Tiny Me at Swarthmore College here.

But, anyway, this is really about Archivist Wasp. If you’re a bookseller, you might have gotten a copy in the mail and if not, there will be copies at the ABA’s Children’s Institute next month in Pasadena.

Wait, Pasadena? I lived for a short time in South Pasadena in a tiny apartment with a Murphy bed (loved it!) and worked at the Rizzoli bookshop (now RIP, I think) in Pasadena. Now and then we’d have “lunch” at the Gordon Biersch brewery across the way and when the World Cup was on in 1994 the Italian owners came over to see Italy play in the final. We all felt very bad the next day that we’d been dancing in the streets with all the celebrating Brazilian fans. Oh well. Before that I worked at an Italian restaurant making salads. If you ate a not-very-well put together salad in Pasadena in the early nineties, I apologize.

So anyway. I cannot keep it on track today. If you do go to Pasadena, hope you get a good salad and a copy of Archivist Wasp from the fine folks at the Consortium booth.


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