How about 9 books in a box?

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No, not a sale. We should do one of those someday, shouldn’t we? Some day when we’ve caught up with things.

Anyway! The annual Con or Bust auction is on and this is what we put up. At the moment, the bid is $25. Bid it up!

  1. Poppy Z. Brite, Second Line
  2. Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, A Life on Paper: Stories (hardcover, trans. by Edward Gauvin)
  3. Kelley Eskridge, Solitaire
  4. Karen Joy Fowler, What I Didn’t See and Other Stories(hardcover)
  5. Angélica Gorodischer, Trafalgar (paperback, trans. by Amalia Gladhart)
  6. Julia Holmes, Meeks (paperback)
  7. Eduardo Jimenez Mayo & Chris N. Brown, Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic (paperback)
  8. Laurie Marks, Water Logic (paperback)
  9. Benjamin Parzybok, Couch (paperback)


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