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Off to Boston for  nonwork thing today. In the meantime, we discovered we could get the Sunday NY Times (including all digital access) for less than the price of just the digital access. It was great fun to have the total brick of paper delivered. Definitely read more than I usually do online.

Download the BookSlinger app and read this week’s story: Benjamin Rosenbaum’s “Start the Clock“—one of the best sf stories from the last 10 years—from The Ant King and Other Stories.

Over at Kirkus Reviews Elizabeth Hand chats with Jessa Crispin about Errantry and more.

On Bookslut Julie Phillips has a short essay on Ursula K. Le Guin which is full of mad, great quotes about Le Guin’s work that I completely agree with. As for will she be read in 50 years? If I’m alive: yes! If not, yes! Earthsea will outlast us all and some readers will always begin there and go on out to Searoad, Unlocking the Air, The Left Hand of Darkness, 

Look, a free magazine of International Science Fiction.

Kathleen Jennings’s American Sketchbooks: Part 1: World Fantasy and Toronto and Part 2: Illuxcon, New York and Colorado.

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