Beers of WFC 2012

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newlogo03Fermented Adventures was well represented at World Fantasy Convention in Toronto this past weekend. As you can imagine, we went at it in earnest, like the semipro drinkers…er, writers…we are.

I bought and saved up beers over a couple months until I had 24 bottles of really good Michigan beer. I muled it (legally) over international lines. Then Scott, Raj and I and a crowd of other writers sampled and shared them all weekend alongside Toronto microbrews liberally provided by con staff, hotel bar and friends.

1_107309126_3It all went (gloriously) something like this:

  • Mill Street Organic, Toronto – a yellow lager, meh
  • Steam Whistle Pilsener, Canada – very nice, crisp and authentic-tasting
  • Frankenmuth Pilsener, Michigan – Not quite as authentically German-style but I like it
  • Arcadia Loch Down, Michigan – a very nice scotch ale, 7% alcohol, round, easy drinking
  • Bells Double Cream Stout, Michigan – reviewed earlier by Scott, decent but not mind-blowing.
  • Growler of IPA from some local Toronto brewpub – spicy, earthy, citrusy, medium bitter, a kitchen sink IPA
  • Smithwicks – Not nearly as good as the Arcadia scotch ale.
  • Rickard’s Red, Molson – Not bad. Middle o’ the road.
  • OGH-S10-GGG_SteamWhistle1

  • Bells Cherry Stout – We love the sour/stout combo. This as far as I’m concerned is the exemplar.
  • Founders Breakfast Stout, Michigan – the gold standard
  • Pilgrim’s Dole Wheat Wine, New Holland, Michigan – a huge 12% alcohol wheat wine with currant, plum flavor notes. Amazing, but would have been 100x better if I’d aged it 3 years first.
  • Dark Horse Blueberry Imperial Stout, Michigan – The blueberry is almost all in the nose, so not quite a sour stout but still delicious.
  • Mill Street Coffee Porter, Toronto – A tiny bit too much coffee for me in a porter this light.
  • Atwater Block Bourbon Barrel Porter, Michigan
  • A different growler of IPA from some local Toronto brewpub – Super-citrusy, aggressively bitter, a bit much for me but nice to sample.
  • Motor City Brewing Works Hard Cider, Detroit – Best Detroit area cider I’ve had, dry, strongly effervescent, acidic, strong in tannin, with funky earthy notes from the yeast. Must buy more….
  • 1_105182134_3-214x300

  • 2012 Hot Pepper Chocolate Stout, my homebrew – This one had a pepper in the bottle, very fiery indeed
  • 2011 Sweet Fern Scotch Ale, my homebrew – A 70 shilling ale flavored with a pinch of wild-harvested sweet fern, a spicy, woody perennial
  • 2011 Cyser, my homebrew
  • 2011 Honey Porter, my homebrew

And that’s just the ones I can remember!


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