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of A Stranger in Olondria:

“Sofia Samatar has an expansive imagination, a poetic and elegant style, and she writes stories so rich, with characters so full of life, they haunt you long after the story ends. A real pleasure.”
—Chris Abani, author of GraceLand and The Virgin of Flames


Since Stranger  doesn’t come out until next April, you can catch up with Sofia in the meantime on her blog where she answers 10 questions about Stranger in Olondria, writes about her experiences as a debut author at the debut author at the Heartland Fall Forum, and introduces her Weird Fiction Review essay on Mervyn Peake.

Sofia published a fabulous poem on Strange Horizons this summer, “Lost Letter” which starts:

we were going to start an artists’ commune
we were going to start an avant-garde artists’ commune
we were going to live on youth good looks and music

but you should go read it!


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