An Under the Poppy story at a price

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. . . of one photograph of you with your copy of Under the Poppy! Here’s Kathe’s full post:

As a celebration of the publication of the paperback edition of Under the Poppy,  due out on 9/10 (and available now for preorder from Small Beer Press, B&N and Amazon, among others), I’m offering a PDF of never-before-published Poppy fiction, called “An Interlude of the Road”: the tale of a young Rupert and Istvan, and their encounter with Herr Nagler, the smiling herring-monger in the satrap’s robe.

To receive the story, all you need to do is send a picture of yourself and your copy of Under the Poppy: whether it’s in your hands or on your nightstand, you holding your e-reader, you waving a preorder paperback receipt (or the actual paperback). . . And if you’re somewhere sexy or singular, so much the better.  Are you on the winding road? Or sipping some highbrow tea? Sporting at the gentlemen’s club (wink wink)? Hanging out with a puppet? Or, like acclaimed writer Sarah Miller here, reclining at your ease?

If you give permission, the picture will be happily posted here, and on the Under the Poppy Facebook page; otherwise your privacy will of course be respected.

This fiction will be available only through the Under the Poppy site, until 11/11/12, as a special thank you to those who have journeyed along with these two inseparable gentlemen of the road and their friends, and me.

Send your JPEG to underthepoppy AT


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