Apocalyptic summer

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Very nice to see Maureen F. McHugh’s After the Apocalypse on this NPR list:

Summer’s Best Sci-Fi: Planets, Politics, Apocalypse

along with Kim Stanley Robinson, Saladin Ahmed, Tobias Buckell, and Mira Grant. There’s some good reading!

As you may know, Bob, After the Apocalypse is “. . . definitely one of the best works of science fiction you’ll read this year, or any thereafter.”


Mothers & Other Monsters cover - click to view full sizeA long time ago when the world was young and Maureen had only written a handful of novels (ha!) and stories we published her first collection, Mothers & Other Monsters. The most excellent Nancy Pearl*featured Mothers on Morning Edition (“Gorgeously crafted stories,” she said, I remember as if it were yesterday**). That was a little while ago now so it was refreshing to read a 5-star review of the collection this week:

“Fans of McHugh will adore Mothers & Other Monsters – and, if you’re not already one, Mothers & Other Monsters will make a fan out of you!”

It is lovely to find that the books we’ve published over the years keep finding readers. Thanks, y’all, for spreading the word, it’s appreciated.

In other news, I should start posting some of the other news about Things That Are Happening including being tempted to do a Kickstarter called the Kick-in-the-Behind LCRW Kickstarter to get the new ish out. Hmm. But paying work calls, gots to go do that first.

* Yeah, yeah, we know, she has an Amazon imprint. Who doesn’t these days? She’s doing what we’d love to do: get someone else to bring lots of books back into print. Wish she were doing it elsewhere, but no one else bit, c’est la vie.

** Except yesterday I didn’t almost fall off my chair at breakfast when someone on the radio started talking about one of our books.


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