Thanks Steve

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Without him, this world would be less shiny, harder work. I’m writing this on an Apple computer—everything we’ve done at Small Beer (except some author tax forms from Staples which only worked on a pc!) has been done on a variety of Apple computers. I’ve only ever bought Apple computers because they were made with people like me in mind. I’m not the most technologically gifted person and I don’t have stacks of high powered computers available. I have tools that will do the job—and sometimes distract from the job, too. For a while the press was run off my and Kelly’s laptops. That we could do that is down to one guy.

Steve Jobs and his drive to bring the future into the present (I still like CDs!) sometimes drove me crazy but over the years the compatibility problems decreased and suddenly Apple users were everywhere. I liked that he was building a small house instead of a mansion—although maybe that was more to do with being seriously ill, than being a fan of small houses. I don’t have many of his recent machines (no iPhone, no iPad) but I love my 10-year-old iPod.

I never met him, I just miss him. He pushed and pushed and everything he did suggested that the world could be a better place. Awesome.


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