LCRW August 2011 (aka #27) debuts this Thursday in Boston

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We made a secret book today at the Harvard Bookstore on Paige M. Gutenborg, their on demand printer. It was awesome. We did a tiny bit of work on it last night, finished it this morning and had finished books in hand by this afternoon! More on that when we get it organized!

But, also, what is now? Now is LCRW 27!

Available in print format by the end of the week, mailed out, next week, read and devoured from now until English she is no longer spoke.

And here is what it is:


A. D. Jameson, The Wolves of St. Etienne
Jessy Randall, The Hedon-Ex Anomaly
K. M. Ferebee, Thou Earth, Thou
Karen Heuler, Elvis in Bloom
M. K. Hobson, A Sackful of Ramps
Carol Emshwiller, The Mismeasure of Me
David Rowinski, Music Box
Joan Aiken, The Sale of Midsummer
Sarah Harris Wallman, The Malanesian


Nicole Kimberling, Sending All Your Love
Gwenda Bond, Dear Aunt Gwenda
About these Authors


Sarah Heller, Four Poems
Sarah Heller, Garden
David Blair, Five Poems


Kathleen Jennings


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