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The Child Garden coverWe have a new catalog! It’s up on Scribd already and at some point there may even be a print edition. Don’t know if it will be color glorious color thoughout, so you have to look there to see all the lovely lovely bookcovers we have this year. The cover is Kathleen Jennings’s picture from the cover of The Child Garden. The back cover art is a secret. Well, until you look at it. More secrets inside. Mostly on page 28. Completists can see or download all our catalogs here.

Nice: Patrick Ness won the U.K.’s Carnegie medal for Monsters of Men (the third Chaos Walking book).

What’s coming up? Joan Aiken stories! “Spur of the Moment” in Eleven Eleven. “Hair” in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. “Reading in Bed” on Tor.com.

Karen Joy Fowler’s collection is on the (quite!) long Frank O’Connor Award longlist.

If we had been faster on the draw, this story by Christine Sneed would have been in the next LCRW—which approacheth completion! Honest, guv. Christine didn’t simultaneously submit it, rather she sent us a nice postcard withdrawing her story after we’d had it for too long. Shame on me! I am trying to read faster, but the eyes, they can’t do it. In the meantime, I recommend this story of “Fortune“:

His plan was small but ambitious. He began by designing business cards on his computer, using purple ink on white paper and Clip-art pictures of Merlin’s hat, a crystal ball, and a spray of stars that arced upward from his name.

We were luckier with other stories! We’re already buying for next spring. Of note, since I was adding some new titles to Weightless Books: 12.6% (or 1/8, near as just about) of subscribers to LCRW now subscribe to the ebook edition. Hmm! But we like print, so until it’s the other way around, I think we’ll keep with the paper edition.

Back to the new issue: we have a cover from Kathleen Jennings, who we love.

Go get it: Small Beer Press 2011 Catalog


3 Responses to “2011 Catalog & more”

  1. James on June 28th, 2011 1:55 pm

    I like the cover of The Child Garden as a stand-alone image, although I don’t know if it’s a good reflection of the tenor of the book. Then again, what would be? I’m still glad that I read it for the first time without knowing anything about it other than that it was by Geoff Ryman. It’s wonderfully weird and I’m ecstatic that you’ll be able to get it back on bookstore shelves soon.

  2. Gavin on June 28th, 2011 6:20 pm

    Geoff wanted something warm to show tropical London. I love the drawing. Does it catch the book exactly? No. But does it tell you something interesting? Hope so. Should be on shelves any time now!

  3. Kathe on June 29th, 2011 6:24 am

    Once again delighted to be in such amazing company. Fun will be made, had, and offered to all comers.

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