Wanted: College Building League

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File under projects for other people to follow up on: here’s a pitch for a reality TV show I want to watch and a league I want to follow.

How about the top 100 colleges and universities in this country (and internationally, too, why not?), alongside the football, basketball, lacrosse, table tennis, etc., teams they already have, field design and building teams for an intercollegiate building league?

Teams would be made up of students from every part of the school—it’s the ultimate resume booster and the best way to get some work experience and do a little networking along the way.

In the first semester, students would identify and design a project that would benefit their local community. In the second, they’d build it.

Impossible? Weeeellll, no. The Rural Studio does it every year.

The good people from Habitat for Humanity, Rural Studio, and Architecture for Humanity could be involved as mentors and judges.

There are a few TV channels (calling HGTV . . . Bravo . . . ) where this would be a natural fit but I’d just as happily tune in to ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox to see it.

Ok, now please someone make it happen!


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