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Apple pie

Happy Thanksgiving week—at least for those here in the US. Canadians gave thanks last month and everyone else thinks two winter holidays a month apart are daft, unless one of them involves flying off somewhere sunny.

But we here at Small Beer are thankful to be alive (better than the alternative!), healthy, incredibly appreciative of all the help we’ve received this past year (or two), and looking forward to mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, stuffing, and about 6 other “sides” before pie and pie and pie.

And we’re also thankful to be able to take part in this grand experiment we call . . . literacy(!) with one and all. Thanks indeed for reading: whether it be in the bath, up a tree, in bed, in space, under the covers, on the couch, or on the bus—but, please, not while driving!

Also: Some of our books have reduced prices to celebrate the holidays! Don’t forget, US & Canadian shipping is free!

We have great posts coming up this week (besides all those on the LCRW esubs thing, he flogged) from guest authors including:

» Karen Joy Fowler, who interrupts her regular posts because:

I am traveling in a different time zone and unable to sleep. So I, logged on just now and got the very unwelcome news that Chalmers Johnson has died. . . .

» Michael J. DeLuca gets back on the Literary Beer horse (as it were) and begins a Gruit Quest:

(1) save money on hops, (2) save carbon footprint by not having ingredients shipped to me from Germany and New Zealand, (3) live in the aesthetic spirit and tradition of the Frugal Housewife, the thrifty carpenter, the lowly serf, and yes, even the maligned and misunderstood witch, and (4) discover amazing new/old beer experiences to expand the mind and cast the palate back to a lost golden age. . . .

» Vincent McCaffrey, who was telling us about reading Moby Dick the other day, goes back a few years and says:

I had been initiated into that cult of worshipers who poured over the pages of latest EC comics and Mad magazine during lunch breaks at school. . . .

» Kathe Koja returns with “The Fragments of Desire”

Sometimes whole novels are written that never see the, light of day, but that’s another story altogether, and besides, the wench is, dead. . . .

» Karen Lord discovered with a friend that:

we discovered a mutual dislike for a particular staple of science fiction and fantasy—the multivolume opus. . . .

Elsewhere, it’s Holly Black week! And, the last day to get your tix for the Carl Brandon Society ereaders.

With more TK TK TK. Happy days!


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