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Thanks to everyone who blogged and tweeted and got the word out on our sale, it continues apace. The Mike FM radiothon raised $93,700 for Franciscan, which is just amazing. Yay and yay and yay!

And, nice segue, there’s a good review of Interfictions 2 here from King Rat, who, awesomely, donated the cost of the book to Franciscan Hospital for Children. Another review. And David Soyka @ Black Gate.

List-lovers, here’s a good one: io9.com included Carol Emshwiller’s novel The Mount in their 20 Best Science Fiction Books of the Decade. It’s another interesting list (of sf+f) and of course works as a great conversation starter. The Mount received the Philip K. Dick Award and is indeed a

deceptively simple story about humans revolting against a group of alien conquerers who love humanity – as pets they can ride on.

Hound is 20% off at RiverRun and so are all of their Forty Favorite Books of 2009—great list of books; we advise stocking up.

Nancy Pearl always has some good reading recommendations.

Rain Taxi are having their annual auction which is always good for a pressie … or maybe something for yourself.

Kaleidotrope subscriptions are on sale—grab one before Fred changes his mind!

io9 links to the must have squid + owl.


2 Responses to “Random start to the week”

  1. King Rat on December 14th, 2009 8:49 pm

    The Mount is one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve given it away at least 5 times. I wish I could remember exactly why I first bought it, because it was in an era when I mostly only picked up books at the local Barnes and Noble, which isn’t a bastion of small presses. I vaguely remember being of the impression that Emshwiller was very nearly a debut author, which amuses me now because she’s been writer longer than I’ve been alive. I used to be so unknowing.

  2. Gavin on December 15th, 2009 8:23 am

    The Mount did well at B&N, helped, maybe by Carol’s reading from it at the Union Sq B&N in NYC.

    We were all so unknowing! I read Carmen Dog in the UK in the Women’s Press (http://www.the-womens-press.com) edition and it wasn’t until years later, when Kelly put Ledoyt in my hands, that I put 2 and 2 together. We were so happy to be able to put out her books. We’re also always checking in with her to see what she’s up to as you never know (The Secret City!) when she’ll have written another novel.

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