Red Sox, radio, Interfictions 2

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The Red Sox just visited Franciscan but I only saw them leave because I was doing something else—but they visited Ursula and Kelly. Pictures were taken, by them, not us! They’re so young! And, so big! Seemed very nice. Apparently signed baseballs and took pics and made some of the kids (and maybe one or two of the parents) v. happy.

We’re on the radio tomorrow morning, call in and you too can take part in one of the oldest traditions in radio: pay to play!

Thanks to everyone who bought books at the sale or full price! You are awesome. We’ll wait until the end of the year to add up the donation but it should be a couple of hundred dollars.

We’ve run out of Interfictions 2 at the office (awesome!) so those orders have to wait a few days until the 4 more cartons of it we ordered come in.

Magic for Beginners has been included in a Best of the Decade lists from Salon—yay!

Kirkus Reviews is closing. What?!

Publishing is all about the tees. (Not a sic.) Go, Eric!

Nice review of our favorite bibliomystery Hound at Gumshoe.

And that’s the week that was.


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