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Holly Black, The Poison Eaters and Other Storiesabout Holly Black’s short story collection! She just handed in her excellent (and funny) new story, “The Land of Heart’s Desire,” which has something to do with these characters Roiben, Kaye, Val, and a few others that might be familiar to some.

The book comes out in February which means it goes to the printer soon, what fun!

And, we just heard back from some early readers who are as excited as us about this book:

“Gritty, grim, and fabulous—Holly is a master of dark magic and dark reality!”
—Tamora Pierce (author of Bloodhound)

“Holly Black is the Real Thing: a gifted writer with a solid grounding in what matters. Her stories are dark and splendid blooms rising from roots sunk deep in myth and tradition.”
—Ellen Kushner (author of The Privilege of the Sword)

“Simply put, Holly Black is one of our best writers. Enchanting and edgy, yes, but it’s the big heart in her stories that brings me back to her writing, time and again. Reading a new book by Holly is like meeting up with an old friend. They might be a little messed up from the last time you saw them, they might have some serious drama going on in their lives, but the connection is immediate, and when they’re packing up to head off again, you don’t want to let them go.”
—Charles de Lint (author of The Blue Girl)


3 Responses to “Getting excited”

  1. Ellen Kushner on December 4th, 2009 7:43 pm

    Wow. That’s a great quote from Charles de Lint. True, too. Dammit – his quote kicks my quote’s butt.

  2. Holly Black on December 5th, 2009 9:25 pm

    Ellen, I love your quote. It makes me blush and blush.

  3. Ellen Kushner on December 5th, 2009 9:55 pm

    Holly –
    OK, I must confess: Delia came up with the bit about the blossoms. Because I was whining so much about the difficulties of writing the perfect quote for someone I so greatly esteem.

    Being sincere is so difficult! Much easier to be snotty…. much.

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