Michael wants to provoke you

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Go read this great angry rant by Michael about the choices we all make every day, their ramifications, and the importance of reconsidering them every so often. What’s your footprint? The starving musk oxen of today are the abandoned water-starved cities of tomorrow:

You’ve probably heard by now about the Bush Administration covering up evidence of melting icecaps.

20,000 musk oxen starved to death in the arctic because of a phenomenon called a “rain on snow event”. Rain falls on snow, turns to ice. Oxen come by and try to dig with their hooves for the grass under the snow. But they can’t break the ice. So they die.

Learn the rules of recycling in your town, and follow them, for real, all the time. If you work in a different town than you live in, learn those rules too. Hassle your co-workers about it. If they see you picking their plastic and aluminum out of the trash enough times, they’ll quit throwing it away out of guilt. I’ve seen it happen. No, you should not feel guilty for making other people feel guilty. Guilt is the only thing that’s going to get anybody to change.

Then check out one of Michael’s takes on the future post-collapse: take a trip down the river in  “Starlings” on Abyss and Apex.


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  1. Nishma on July 31st, 2009 9:27 pm

    Recycling’s the last thing we require, as it’s footprint is minimal compared to the amount people use their cars, fly and consume more and more.

    And the impact isn’t just oxen dying. 300,000 people (UN IPCC stats) have died due to climate change already!

    The fact is, you don’t need to drive into work, you can cycle or walk there instead. You don’t need to fly to New York when you can catch a train instead.

    In the states, Obama’s plan is not enough. Stop being so reliant on Oil & Gas and get out there and campaign. Write letters to the Congress, President and Senate. Contact your senator and governor and tell them about Climate Change and ask what your state is doing to reduce emissions.

    Also, why do you work in another city anyway? Move closer and your commute becomes much much shorter.

    Michael: you’ve got the right motives but you’re not demanding enough. If we don’t act now, so many more people are going to suffer and die – and most of them will the poorest.

  2. Michael on August 1st, 2009 11:22 am

    Yep. All that is absolutely true. I am not demanding enough. Even if everybody did all that stuff on my list, we still would not have achieved sustainability.

    But I cut myself off from saying so in that post, because my experiences of late talking to people about this sort of thing all seem to go the same way: when I turn on the full force of my ire, it makes things look hopeless and out of our hands. And then people just tune me out. Which just makes me angrier. So I’ve been trying to strike a balance where somebody might actually listen.

    Do you have a link to those UN IPC stats? I’d like to read them.

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