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Hey, we just successfully freecycled our old workhorse (which was the name of it in the end) Powerbook Mac to a guy who’s going to take it apart and maybe repair it for a computer repair class: excellent!

This press was basically run off that laptop from sometime in 2001 to sometime in 2006. It was bought when our place in Brooklyn was robbed (on July 4th weekend, how patriotic!) and it turned out rental insurance was one of the best ideas we’d ever had. At some point we put in a new harddrive, more than doubling its capacity to a mind-boggling 20GB. Ha. Then in 2006 or so it started slowing down and we stripped a lot of stuff off it and it was replaced with a MacBook. For a while it worked as a mini-server (and an AirTunes repository) then, one day, silence. We toasted it then, we toast it again. (Maybe all that toasting was why it stopped working? Is heat bad for laptops? How about peanut butter)

And now off it goes to a new and more scattered place: thanks old boy, good luck in your next life(/lives)!


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