Semiprozinez (and other diseases)

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Eric Marin of Lone Star Stories is miffed that the Hugo Award for Semiprozine (fondly known as the Locus Award that none of us shall ever receive) may disappear at this year’s Worldcon in Montreal (in August, oh sunny lovely August).

Seems that Locus won too many times in a row so (maybe, haven’t been following this) some people want to change the rules so that there’s no award to dominate anymore. Which takes away the honor of nomination* for four other mags. Which isn’t very nice. We don’t care if we are nominated or not (we received the honor a couple of years ago and like that it gets spread around: there are a lot of people doing good work out there), but, come on, how about all the new zines, paper or online, why take it away from them?

So, if you’re going to be at the Worldcon (not sure if we will), go to the business meeting and tell them that the Semiprozine category, silly as it is, is worth keeping—at least until they go completely daft and make a Hugo Award for Semiprozine Editors, since there’s one for all kinds of other editors.

* That may seem like a joke, but if you’re smart you’ll realize it’s not. Or, you can wait until an award list comes out with your name on it—or you’re on a jury and have to decide the nominations—and then finally you might realize what an honor it actually is.


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  4. Kathryn Cramer on March 5th, 2009 6:06 pm

    The irony is that our qualification for the category is borderline, and if NYRSF drops into the fanzine category, past voting patterns suggest we would wipe the floor with the other nominees. It would be ironic to finally start winning Hugos all the time because some guys thought the Semiprozine category was dumb. (I did nominate you guys in our mutual category on my nominating ballot.)

  5. lcrw on March 6th, 2009 12:18 am

    Hey Kathryn, thanks for the nomination. I have mixed feelings about all awards (really) but being nominated for LCRW was quite cheering. I know that we’re away doing our thing in a specific manner, and it was quite lovely to have the spotlight drift our way.

    That is a weird irony about NYRSF and the categories. BTW, I loved (and just about cried) Judith Moffett‘s piece in the February issue. That was a decent book and she deserved better, but she wrote up the experience very well.

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