Happy New Year

Wed 31 Dec 2008 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Leave a Comment | Posted by: Gavin

Bye-bye 2008! We will barely miss you. There was one fantastic thing, which was nigh-unthinkable in January—President Barack Hussein Obama, baby!—which will make 2009 by definition interesting times.

Our thanks to the people who: wrote the books we published, helped us publish them, bought them, reviewed them, pushed them on friends, and generally helped get these books we’re immensely proud of out into the world.

In 2009 there will be more books—we’re making a go of running this as a business, fingers crossed—and some changes, of course, because stultification is for dummies. Our fall list is small, but powerful, and in spring 2010 (which is next season according to our distributor), we have some lovely books.

But that’s then, this is now. Happy New Year! Or, Happy Midwinter, or Midsummer! Go give someone you love a hug and tell them to pass it on.


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