Happy Crowley Day, too

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Go wish John Crowley a Happy Birthday—but let’s not depress him any more than the Writer’s Almanac already did. Wonder if this means John will be on Prairie Home Companion one day? (And, what would he sing?)

It’s the birthday of the writer John Crowley, (books by this author) born in 1942 in Presque Isle, Maine. His most famous novel is Little, Big (1981). It’s a fantasy story, full of fairies and enchantment, but it’s also an epic saga of a New England family, complete with historical details. The critic Harold Bloom chose Little, Big as one of the books that changed his life. He said, “I have read and reread Little, Big at least a dozen times, and always am startled and refreshed.” John Crowley has a cult following, and his novels always get great reviews, but they still don’t sell very well, partly because they’re so hard to categorize.

Endless Things actually sold ok. If we’re to believe Bookscan, it has outsold the paperback collection of Novelties & Souvenirs and will soon overtake the pb of Lord Byron’s Novel: The Evening Land. More interestingly, The Solitudes has blown it out the water which bodes well for the whole series. Given the recent National Book Award win by Peter Matthiessen’s Shadow Country, maybe we can persuade John to rewrite the whole Aegypt sequence into one massive novel. Hmm!

Iain Emsley recently met up with Lizza Aiken to talk about her mother, Joan:

“She had a curious childhood. She didn’t go to school until she was 12, she was brought up not in much contact with children at all. Her mother married her step father when she was 5. He was essentially a Victorian much in the same way as the books in the house. There were no children’s books, and there weren’t that many books for children in the 1920s, so she read whatever was in the house which were Dickens, Dumas and Austen.

LCRW 23 is at the printer. Yay!

Anyone online at www.readingtrails.com? (Not that we are, just looks like an interesting site.)


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