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The Lone Star Stories Reader CoverEric Marin of Lone Star Stories just sent along a couple of copies of The Lone Star Stories Reader which has stories by Martha Wells, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Gavin J. Grant, M. Thomas, Sarah Monette, Catherynne M. Valente, Tim Pratt, “Manuscript Found Written in the Paw Prints of a Stoat” by Samantha Henderson, and an Introduction by Sherwood Smith. We’d recommend you order it direct from the source but it looks like Eric decided not to do that any more. Can’t think why! The book looks good and has received some really good pre-publication reviews:

“From both established talents like Nina Kiriki Hoffman and relative newcomers like Marguerite Reed, these stories offer a wide enough range to keep the reader fumbling to find some commonality other than editor Marin’s excellent taste. Hoffman’s contribution, the short and sweet “Seasonal Work,” is the holiday retail season seen through a very strange lens—the kind of thing she does so well. Reed’s gorgeous “Angels of a Desert Heaven” is the story of a musician and a Hopi seer and the ways the gods of their shared desert home adopt even the Anglo, if the need is great enough. Despite the book’s title, the stories don’t have any Texas connections, though several take place in various Western settings. Title and stories come from the Web zine Lone Star Stories, where the latter are electronically archived. At any rate, this selection suggests that LSS is a force to be reckoned with.”

“In Catherynne M. Valente’s stunning ‘Thread: A Triptych,’ a fantastical mail-order bride is brought to the ‘real’ world, only to be cast aside. The western meets dark fantasy in Martha Wells’s standout ‘Wolf Night,’ when a group of people barricaded in a stockade are attacked by an otherworldly creature. Other standouts include Ekaterina Sedia’s ‘The Disemboweler,’ where a robot explores a world where little spirits animate machines, and Sarah Monette’s ‘A Night in Electric Squidland,’ where two queer psychic cops infiltrate an occult BDSM nightclub…. the gems really shine.”
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