Sale Goes On

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As noted in the new, improved, revived, awake and punchy Mobylives (welcome back!) and on the Boston Globe‘s Off the Shelf book blog (and the Baltimore Sun and many other goodly bloggity places), our books, they are still on sale. We’ve raised another smaller chunk of change for Obama, so yay and thank you! We will keep the books on sale until Election Day in the USA. They also note that another press is donating to the Angry Old Man side of things and Circlet Press have a nice idea to get people to get involved in any of the campaigns:

Then there’s the nonpartisan view, taken by Circlet Press. The Cambridge-based publisher of (we’re not making this up) science fiction erotica will give anyone a free book upon proof of contribution to either side in the presidential campaign. “We know there is a lot going on out there with the failing economy, war in Iraq, and so on,” says a Circlet blog post. “So our biggest hope is that Circlet’s readers get active in the political process, whether you are for McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden, or Rosalind/Adama. And we’re encouraging you to put your money where your mouth is (no, no, not there, you kinky thing).”


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