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Quick update on the new book. We are still (behind with) shipping copies (with buttons, stickers, &c.):

You can hear Kelly talk about her new book on Penguin’s Pretty Monsters page.

PW’s Rose Fox interviews Kelly in her Nuts and Bolts column:

In young adult books, there’s a sense of immediacy, of urgency. The stakes are high, which is something that’s often true in fantasy and science fiction as well. Are you the heroine or hero of a young adult novel, or a fantasy novel? You may well be the chosen one. Dragons or vampires are drawn to you. There are portals into other worlds that only you can access.

There was a review in Bookslut:

Pretty Monsters collects several previously published stories along with a new tale in a package that is directed at teens. Rounding out the title are illustrations from Shaun Tan whose own iconic and unusual vision of the world is a perfect match for Link’s. This is a perfect match of author and illustrator and a great introduction to an author who will be loved by teen readers.

A review in Time Out Chicago:

If her past books make up a haunted house, Pretty Monsters is more of a fun house. Of course, that means it’s still a lot of fun.


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