Sale Update: $539 (x2) So Far

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Thank you to everyone who has bought books from us in the last two weeks.

Here’s an update on our Sale: we just donated $539 to the Obama for President campaign—which was doubled by an anonymous contributor, making it worth $1,078: Yay Indeed! The campaign are hoping for 100,000 new supporters by Friday and we hope you will consider donating.

A few rough stats on the sale: three people have gone for the Huge Box of Every book we have published—including those still to be published in 2008 and more than half a dozen people have gone for All the Books We Published in 2008. We should really send these happy people a new bookshelf. We will probably settle for chocolate.

Most people are buying a couple of books. Some incredibly generous people are using our regular ordering page and asking that the donation be made from that total.

Orders have come in from: the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia, and Croatia.

With a couple of hundred books being ordered, we are falling behind on shipping!

The Serial Garden is very popular in this sale.

And that’s it so far. Please spread the word: we’d love to sell more books and donate more to the campaign. There’s a fundraiser tomorrow night at the Apollo Grill in Easthampton where we’re going to have to write a check. Don’t make us write it alone!


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