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Pretty MonstersKelly’ new collection, Pretty Monsters, hits the stands* today and two great organization, The Black Arts and Skytemple, have been hard at work on a new super groovy site for the book (and Kelly). More stuff will be telemported up to the online world (Shaun Tan illustrations!) as the days go by, but there are already a a couple of stories to read, a FAQ from Kelly, book recs, and more.

There’s a huge great story on Kelly in the Boston Phoenix today:

While Link is not an author who shies away from referencing pop- and commercial-culture, nor is she some glib chronicler of the right-now. Her work — realm-straddling blends of fantasy, science fiction, fairy tale, and capital-L literature — possesses a mythic quality.

Which is well-timed, as Kelly will be reading on Friday in Boston (ok, Cambridge):

Friday Oct 3, 7 PM, Harvard Book Store, Cambridge

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 7 PM, Community Bookstore, Brooklyn

Sunday, Oct. 24, 4 PM, Flights of Fantasy, Colonie, NY (with Holly Black)

Kelly will also be signing books from the office (when they arrive!). Order a signed copy and receive tattoos, stickers, and similar items of interest.

* newsboys all over the country are yelling semi-incomprehensively to the commuter crowds, “Come n git yurr Monstahs, Pretty Pretty Monstahs!”


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