Oops, poetry

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September/October 2008 coverThere’s a nice shout out for Small Beer in the print version of Poets & Writers which says that we publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. While this is and has always been true for LCRW, it isn’t true of Small Beer. Kelly is interested (in a long-term manner) in adding poetry to the mix, but for the moment we just don’t have the knowledge of the field or the $$ to invest in such a low-return field.

Small Beer Press is a for-profit concern (at least theoretically). Despite giving away thousands of books, we are in this to make a living and to pay everyone (except our sainted interns) at least something. If we were a nonprofit and applying and supported by grants, we might publish poetry (and there are 100s of poetry publishers who manage it) but since we have to try and do all this on the money that comes in from sales: for the nonce we’re sticking to fiction (and the occasional nonfiction).


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  1. robert on July 29th, 2010 8:29 pm

    All and all it is amazing that poetry isn’t dead yet, everybody loves to down capitalism but, in the turn of it people just want to make money.
    So poetry is relegated to either that vanity presses or the internet. People just don’t buy it, but enough of us still write it.

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