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We just got the best, best, best series of drawings by email from a favorite comics artist. Will post some of them in a bit, but good lord, it is fantastically exciting.


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  1. Ben on July 17th, 2008 5:03 pm

    and then what happened?

    They saw. And indeed, the artwork was glorious.

    They fell off their chairs for the glory of it.

    The glory of it made a young woman in Wisconsin, surfing the web during lunch break, to drop everything and walk unceasing to the gulf of Mexico.

    In Arizona the glory of it caused an elderly man to construct a 300 foot statue of a horse, which he then rode to Manhattan, presumably to share the glory he had seen.

    An English teacher in Japan, having just moments before shown the art in class, noted that all of his students spontaneously spoke perfect English, affected, surely, by the glory, and that he could speak only Japanese, ああ.

    And a fellow in Oregon, anxious for a view of said glory, waited patiently.

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