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John Kessel just finished a round of readings in North Carolina with Greg Frost. His next reading is at KGB Bar in New York in July, then he’ll be at Readercon. Here’s a few perspectives on John Kessel’s The Baum Plan on the web and in the papers this week:

  • Updated with this possibly contentious line from Seattle’s The Stranger: “A pleasant callback to the days when science-fiction authors read more than just science fiction.”
  • Strange Horizons: “It is a testament to Kessel’s skill that my criticism is so specific and, really, not an indictment so much as a statement of preference.”
  • Rick Kleffel at the Agony Column looks at both The Baum Plan and The Ant King: “Toss away the labels and expectations.
  • The Fix: “Invest. Invest now…. Your returns will be multitudinous.”
  • And just posted tonight, Time Out Chicago: “Anyone who thinks genre writing can’t be literary deserves to have Kessel’s hefty new collection of stories dropped on his or her head.”

We’re off traveling — with lots of exciting things in hand (will try and post pics!) — for a couple of weeks.


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