Your fiction is like diamonds*

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Update: keep up with the latest auctions.

Prester John Pendant DetailInterested in how one art intersects and inspires another? This week the Interstitial Arts Foundation, celebrating the one-year anniversary of publishing the anthology Interfictions, begins an auction of jewelry inspired by the stories in the anthology. And it’s beautiful stuff.

There is a new piece going up every couple of days (auctions only last 4-7 days, so keep checking in) and the prices begin at all of $10. These are all donations to the IAF and any monies raised go to funding the recently-announced next anthology.

Participants include artists Elise Matheson, JoSelle Vanderhooft, Mia Nutick, Kris McDermott, and many more. And, most remarkably, some of the authors themselves have created unique pieces based on their own work! Keep an eye on to see wearable interpretations of their own work by Interfictions authors Leslie What, Rachel Pollack, and K. Tempest Bradford.

Interfictions Auction 1 – Bracelet Based On “A Map of the Everywhere”
Interfictions Auction 2 – A Necklace Based on “A Dirge for Prester John”

* Except that it wasn’t mined by slaves for the oligarchic diamond corporations!


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  1. Ellen Kushner on May 10th, 2008 4:56 pm

    Well, those pieces are gone, but 2 new ones just went up, and more will be up tomorrow – and we’ve got enough stuff to keep this auction going through May 25th! So please keep checking in to see which of your favorite INTERFICTIONS stories has inspired wearable art . . . .

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