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Apropos of the next item, we just bought a hilarious, poignant, excellent story by Carol Emshwiller for the next issue of LCRW. She’s getting to be a regular. We’ve had stories by her in LCRW 8, 19, 21, and even in Trampoline.

Last week the io9 blog picked a list of

The Twenty Science Fiction Novels that Will Change Your Life

which so far has been seen 93,718 times. And one of those novels (which was a pretty good list as lists go) was

The MountThe Mount (2002), by Carol Emshwiller
After human civilization is destroyed by a group of invading aliens, the survivors become the ponies of their new alien overlords. Generations later, our hero is a happy mount to the alien prince, but slowly begins to realize that the life of a pampered pet is not all he wants.

That’s right! It will change your life! Changed ours. Won an award, went back to press, sold some books, sold mass market paperback rights to Penguin, sold to Spain and some other countries. And, oh yes, it is awesome.

More about The Mount:

More about Carol:

  • Carmen Dog, Chapter 1.
  • Mrs. Jones” from Report to the Men’s Club and Other Stories
  • A letter to Carol Emshwiller from James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice Sheldon) written in 1975. You can see a scanned version of the letter here or read the letter here.


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