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We are behind! Not you, you paranoiac fool. More along the lines of behind and with you. Or something. Especially if you have sent us something to read. Because there is an awful lot of stuff waiting to be read for

  1. LCRW — we are behind! Will we catch up by the end of the month? Only time will tell!
  2. Small Beer submissions: we are buying a book that came in on a quer, which we think may be the first time we’ve done this. Which means that for now we will keep reading queries. (Unsolicited advice to writers: target those queries!)
  3. The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror: we have decided (as we are the deciders) that we will reprint the 2008 speeches of George W. Bus. No, wait, that’s the horror half. Will check with Ellen and see if she will go for it. Really: we are nearly done reading. Just the damn honorable mentions, introductions, and summary to do. Cough.
  4. Review: Jo Graham’s Black Ships is fun.

Stuff for Bostonians:

  1. Boskone will be going on soon and we will have books for sale. Whoopee, you say, as do we. Maybe we will surprise you and have John Kessel’s book for sale. Just kidding, because we won’t.
  2. Here is something more interesting: go see the Massachusetts Book Awards this Thursday at 1.30 PM on the Grand Staircase at the State House. An event on a staircase has all kinds of possibilities for sweeping entrances, banister hijinks, slips, falls, chandelier swinging, etc.
  3. Vericon: hey, that was a fun convention!

Stuff for New Yorkers:

  1. New York is Book Country has moved their book festival to Sept. 21—the week after the Brooklyn Book Fair (see you there on Sept. 14th). They have booths, not tables so it doesn’t look like we’ll be there.
  2. We will be at Think Cup Cafe on Feb 13 with Carol Emshwiller (who you can also hear tomorrow night with John Langan at the NYRSF reading) with Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, and Veronica Schanoes.
  3. Ok, so we will be at KGB Bar on Feb 20th with everyone in the world, even the seen-it-all Mr. Richard Bowes.
  4. And we might be at The New School on Feb 27th for the Story Prize night: Tessa Hadley, Vincent Lam, and Jim Shepard are up this year.

That, as Mr. Hodgman is wont to say, is all.


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  1. Fred on February 4th, 2008 10:31 pm

    I dunno… Bush policy, clearly, is horror, but those speeches do seem like pure fantasy most of the time…

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