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This is awesome.  Go get a free, cheap, expensive (you choose) Radiohead album. (Album because it’s not really a CD or record—unless you want to pop for the $80 edition).

Meanwhile, Apple keep locking away their phone and mp3 players (and no doubt every other device they have planned) while Nokia are pulling a Radiohead and saying Go ahead, do what you want. Really hope Nokia do well with this because for all their great design and easy use (this post being written on a Mac), Apple’s corporate ethos is crap. Sorry, Apple, we have many of your products, but the love, well…. Defending your bad behavior? It’s getting old and so are we. Who has time for crap relationships? So maybe we will buy the machines, but sign out of the religion.

On Wednesday, go listen to Maureen talk about Alt. Reality Games.

A nice Best of LCRW review at SF Site.

The stories Link and Grant have selected over the past ten years are deserving of a broader readership and, with The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet now in bookstores, they will, it is hoped, achieve that readership.

Interfictions podcasts.


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